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To step off the beaten track, you must be inquisitive, inquiring, be willing to explore and think things over and challenge yourself, move out of your comfort zone and push back the boundaries to create new opportunities for yourself and for those who have put their trust in you An atypical career at L’Oréal led me to combining a strong need for meaning, the joy of cooperating and the conviction that learning together drives innovation and thus competitiveness. As a result, all that I could undertake in terms of developing strategy, creating a brand university or bringing about managerial transformation in organizations within an intercultural environment was based on an approach that aimed to reconcile the quest for business performance and the development and realization of the unlimited potential of human resources and relations. A Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology from Anglia Ruskin University at Cambridge has enabled me to revisit and refine theories I had already put into practice for 30 years of professional experience in operational management.

Today, I am developing and offering a comprehensive range of consulting and coaching services centered on a positive approach which is intended to enable people and organizations to self-realize and be all they can be, by drawing on their specific strengths, their unique expertise and inner resources. This is what I intend you to discover in that blog.

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I am also the co-founder of POP, an international collective of specialists in their field, driven by the same determination (placing the human being at the center of organizational transformation) and strong values (confidence, hope, resilience, empathy...), and as part of a positive and enthusiastic dynamic in order to offer sustainable and responsible solutions to its clients.

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