build on what is strong


"Opening doors"

In any organization, success is the result of shared group effort. You must identify what works and then improve on that by viewing things positively and then taking an off-beat approach.

This is about forming bonds between men and women from different cultures, backgrounds and walks of life. About thinking freely, thinking out of the box and challenging conventional approach.

Giving access to a whole different way of seeing life at work, another way of thinking about structures and frames of reference in order to innovate while fostering a holistic vision which combines well-being and performance.

Adapting to new circumstances, listening, seizing opportunities and introducing organizational practices and behaviors that enable people to self-organize and co-operate in order to transform the overall workplace climate within a team or organization.

  • Organizational Transformation
  • Creation of Corporate University/brand
  • Consultancy in Business Development & Sales Strategy
  • Intrapreneurship & Participative Innovation
  • Executives Coaching

My credentials

Appreciative Consulting

Reconciling the search for meaning, well-being and performance

Giving new sparkle to things. Clarifying the issue at stake, and making it more
comprehensible by explaining it thoroughly. Changing the way one must see things
and gaining a better understanding.

Being supportive

Being there for someone, acting as a guide, connecting the dots.


Calling upon the help of a person or group. Capitalizing on their strengths and
bringing them together for a specific purpose.


Achieving optimum performance by creating conditions conducive to success and making the most of a situation.